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Soothing Your Senior Dog: Let Music Calm and Heal Your Aging Pet

It's never easy to see your senior dog age. But while he may be showing signs of arthritis and other age-related problems, you don't have to spend your time watching him grow old. What you can do is offer something calming and health-promoting to put a little pep back in his step: music. Research has shown that music soothes and helps heal dogs, especially those that suffer pain, stiffness, and anxiety, common ailments of seniors. Of course, there are many remedies to improve the life of a senior dog but adding a melody to the mix may be just what the vet ordered. Here's why:

How Music Benefits Your Senior Dog

Music has the ability to lower blood pressure and relieve pain in people, but canines respond to music in a similar fashion. Veterinarians tested music's effect on stress levels in dogs and concluded that music therapy is highly calming and healing. It's especially good news for senior dogs, who are susceptible to the aches, pains, and uncertainty of aging. So how does it work? Listening to music can positively influence the autonomic system, which controls the fight-or-flight response and other nervous and digestive functions, resulting in slower heart rates, lower stress, and improved comfort and rest for dogs.

Not Any Kind of Music Will Do

Senior dogs have a lower tolerance for loud noises and high stimulation, which is why soft, easy-listening music may be the best choice for this age group. Classical music in particular has been shown to reduce stress in shelter animals, many of which are subject to fear and anxiety. Soft rock and slow reggae forms of music are also therapeutic choices that bring peace and calm to aging pets. A senior dog who's grown less confident over the years or suffers from a debilitating ailment may benefit from listening to melodies that are simple in composition and played quietly.

Listen to Music with Your Pet

Bonding with your senior dog is an excellent way to keep him happy, healthy, and feeling young. And what better way to bond than to listen to music together. You'll both benefit from the perks of music, plus you'll enjoy each other's companionship. There are many healthful activities you can do with your senior dog that involve listening to music. Try yoga with your dog, canine freestyle, massage to music, or playing the piano with your pet by your side. Or, simply turn on a calming radio station and have fun listening--or crooning--to your hearts' content.

A senior dog's years can be some of the best ones yet, especially when they're filled with music. Give your pet a daily dose of Beethoven or Bach and see what a difference it can make to his health and well-being.

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