Hemp Oil Infused Dog Treats Have Pet Parents Going Crazy

by | May 22, 2020

Hemp oil has become an extremely popular supplement to treat various health issues in humans. However, many pet parents have wondered if the oil can be used to help their dogs as well. The good news is that many have tried and found that it does have some very positive benefits for dogs.

Now for the bad news… if you decide to give hemp oil a try, you typically have to apply it directly to your dog’s tongue with an eye dropper – which isn’t the easiest or most pleasant experience for owners or their dogs.

As an alternative, pet treats in the form of soft chews infused with hemp seed oil are now available from a variety of companies including Hemp Chewz, Zesty Paws, PetHonesty and PointPet. Dogs love the taste and texture of the soft chews, they’re easy to feed, and hassle-free for dog owners. Plus, they’re typically much less expensive than liquid hemp oil supplements.

Here’s what Dog-Mom Nicole M. of Chandler, Arizona had to say about her experience with the Hemp Chewz brand of hemp oil infused treats.

“Eight years ago, my ex fell on my Bella and broke her left back leg. Now I’m a huge believer in hemp and know what it can do but we have tried a lot of products and she still didn’t use her leg. Now understand, she had a metal plate and screws and has never walked on that leg since it happened. We were looking for a new product and I insisted it had hemp in it.”

After giving Bella the Hemp Chewz Mobility Treats for about 90 days, Nicole had this to say.

Bella, an 8-year old female was risking amputation on her rear leg which she hadn’t used since having surgery.

“I saw her for the first time jump up on my niece. It took my breath away. She has been using that back leg like I have never seen. The vet wanted to remove it but I couldn’t do it. This has been life changing for my puppy.”

And it seems Nicole is not alone in her praises. Hemp Chewz has almost 500 product ratings on Amazon and you can find more info about the product by clicking here.

Why Hemp Oil Treats are Such a Game Changer

Hemp seed oil is extracted from the cannabis plant. While cannabis is most famous for its intoxicating effects or “buzz”, hemp oil has no psychoactive properties and cannot get you or your pet high.

So, if Hemp oil does not get your dog buzzed, what can it do? Here are just a few dog health conditions hemp can potentially relieve.

Pain Relief

A dog suffering pain from a sprain, strain, or after surgery can be given hemp oil to help decrease swelling and inflammation. Chronic pain from ailments such as arthritis and hip dysplasia can potentially be lessened or eliminated with Hemp oil as well.

Hemp oil is rich in fatty acids (Omega 6, Omega 3). Hemp oil is thought to lessen the inflammation that is likely causing the pain in the first place. Studies show that the linoleic acid present in hemp may strengthen the immune system, reduce shedding, and have positive effects on brain function.

Stress and Anxiety

Dogs can experience stress and anxiety for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, an anxious dog can express unwanted and unhealthy behaviors, including a refusal to eat, aggression, and excessive panting or licking.

Thankfully, hemp oil treats, especially those containing other stress relieving ingredients like chamomile, melatonin, L-Tryptophan (think Turkey sleepiness), and green tea, seems to provide some relief from anxiety and stress. While it is not yet entirely understood, researchers believe these ingredients somehow helps regulate the release of serotonin in the brain. A serotonin imbalance is believed to cause anxiousness, compulsiveness, and depression in both people and dogs. More information on Hemp Chewz Calming Treats can be found here.

Skin Conditions

Compulsive scratching and licking are signs that a dog is suffering from a skin allergy or some other chronic disease. Unfortunately, skin issues, such as allergies and eczema, can be difficult to diagnose and treat.

Hemp oil has been shown to help relieve the itching and irritation associated with many skin conditions, especially when combined with other ingredients. Some studies have even suggested hemp oil promotes the growth of new, healthy skin.


Dogs suffering with cancer are often subjected to treatments with some awful side effects. Vomiting, nausea, and acute pain often accompany traditional cancer treatments. Hemp oil can be used to counteract these undesirable symptoms, but in no way does it prevent or cure cancer.


While it is important to speak with a veterinarian before adding a supplement to your dog’s diet, hemp oil treats can be a safe and more natural alternative to traditional prescription medications. Hemp oil is not known to have any significant side effects and is well tolerated by dogs. With its potential health benefits and positive reviews, hemp oil treats can be seriously considered for the treatment of many common dog health issues.


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