Promotes a Sense of Calm and Helps Ease Anxiety and Stress

Powered by our exclusive 100% organic hemp formula, the all-natural ingredients in Hemp Chewz Calming treats can help make stressful times easier with a variety of ingredients specifically targeted to produce temporary calming effects in your dog.

Hemp Chewz Calming for Dogs

Works in 30 minutes


made in the usa

natural bacon & cheese flavor

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Powerful, Natural Ingredients to Help Your Dog Overcome Anxiety and Stress

Hemp Chewz are infused with 100% organic hemp oil and a precise blend of nine other ingredients, each offering a specific therapeutic action. These are called active ingredients. Our soft chews feature more active ingredients than most other brands providing your dog with the very best all-natural calming formula. 

In about 30 minutes — Hemp Chewz soothes and calms dogs suffering from:

  • thunderstorms
  • traveling/motion sickness
  • fireworks
  • separation
  • crowds
  • grooming
  • and other stressful times

Our calming chews feature Suntheanine® — the pure form of L-theanine (the natural relaxing ingredient found in green tea) and is protected by over 40 U.S. and international patents

Created By Mother Nature

Made in the USA from nature’s finest organic and natural ingredients, Each serving of Hemp Chewz ™ (2 soft chews) is guaranteed by independent lab analysis to contain the following premium ingredients:

Milligrams of Organic Hemp Protein Powder

Milligrams of Organic Hemp Seed Oil

Milligrams of Organic Chamomile

Milligrams of Colostrum

Milligrams of Organic Passion Flower

Milligrams of L-Tryptophan

Milligrams of Valerian Root

Milligrams of Organic Ginger Root

Milligrams of Suntheanine ®

Milligrams of Melatonin

Quality You Can Trust

All of our incoming raw materials are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis that certifies the content of the ingredient and its purity.

Once the ingredients are blended, they are tested again to ensure compliance with the label claim before making the soft chews. All products are labeled with an expiration date and a lot number to insure that Hemp Chewz maintains its potency and freshness.

Samples of finished products are tested one final time by an independent laboratory to ensure ingredients meet the label claims.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

All customers are protected by a Risk-Free 45-Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t see results in the health and wellness of your dog — or even if you just change your mind — we’ll be glad to provide a refund for 100% of the purchase price



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Hemp Chewz Calming for Dogs


Try Hemp Chewz, Risk-Free for 45 days. If your dog doesn’t see the results you expected, no matter what they are, we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price — no questions asked.